Win EUR 250 with completely FREE BET!

TotoPot is a new and exciting interactive sports-betting challenge by Offsidebet, based on network betting mechanism which allows thousands of players to compete for enormous Jackpots. On the Coupon you'll find the most exciting sporting events of the week. Create a new Ticket and fill out your guesses (1, X or 2).

This week you can play an Euro Freeroll (with 8 FREE tickets for every customer):

  • Ticket price: EUR 0
  • Jackpot: EUR 250
  • Place your bets before: 8 Jan 2011, 12:00 GMT
The Ticket with most correct guesses, wins the Jackpot! In case of multiple winners the Jackpot is being equally divided.

You have to register at Offsidebet first - it's completely FREE.

Here are the predictions (in %) for this week Euro Freeroll by the users:

Posted on 6 Jan 2011, 18:40 GMT


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